Version 68


August 24, 2017


October 16, 2017


November 01, 2018


December 04, 2017

Main Features

File Level Backup Restoration!

Restore individual files from an account backup whether you're a WHM user or a cPanel user! | Read More

AutoSSL Faster and Easier!

With new notifications, user-level triggers in the SSL/TLS status interface, and updated internal logic, AutoSSL is even easier to use and faster than before! | Read More

Security Features

Easier PCI Compliance Out of the Box

We have adjusted the default security settings to provide increased security and an easier path for PCI compliance. | Read More

Potential Spammer Notification!

With this brand new notification, we are helping server owners identify potential spammers earlier. | Read More

HTTP/2 Support!

Server administrators using EasyApache 4 can now take advantage of the speed of HTTP/2! | Read More

Additional Features

Make it easier for you customers to find you!

Hosting customers will now find it easier than ever to identify their hosting providers, with our new Public Contact Information. | Read More

Updated and Expanded API Token Permissions

Both root and resellers can take advantage of an updated and more granular list of permissions for API tokens. | Read More

Virtuozzo 7 Support

We have updated a number of internal systems that allow us to officially support Virtuozzo 7! | Read More

EasyApache 4 Migration Tool!

The EasyApache 4 migration tool previous available only on the CURRENT tier is now available to all tiers! | Read More

New API Calls, addpkgext and delpkgext

We have added two brand new WHMAPI calls to allow integrators to more easily add package extensions! | Read More