Version 76


Sept 20, 2018


Oct 17th, 2018


Nov 6th, 2018


Dec 18th, 2018

Main Features

Apache PHP-FPM for Faster Websites

We are enabling PHP-FPM for Apache by default for all new installations of cPanel & WHM, allowing your websites to serve more visitors. | Read More

Tomcat Upgrade and New Manager Interface

In Version 76 we are releasing a completely overhauled and improved version of Apache Tomcat for EasyApache 4. With the new Tomcat Manager interface in WHM, system administrators can manage the Tomcat status of all of users. | Read More

Improved WHM Experience and Interface

We have streamlined the WHM user experience by eliminating extra steps and leaving only the most useful interfaces for a simplified and straightforward setup process for new servers. | Read More

Security Features

Git SSH Host Key Verification

The system now automatically performs host key verification whenever cloning a new repository or making changes to a cloned repository, helping to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks. | Read More

All UIs now using PHP 7.2!

We are upgrading the internal PHP Version in cPanel & WHM from PHP 5.6 to the faster and more secure PHP 7.2, giving users a much faster experience. | Read More

Additional Features

MySQL/MariaDB Preflight Check

We are adding a preflight check for WHM's MySQL or MariaDB Upgrade Interface to detect potential problems. | Read More

PowerDNS Version 4.1

We are upgrading PowerDNS to Version 4.1, replacing the pdnssec command with the pdnsutil command. | Read More

AutoSSL Preflight Check for CAA Records

We are adding a preflight check to AutoSSL that adds a Certificate Authority Authentication (CAA) record in the domain's zone file before ordering a new certificate. | Read More

Tomcat Users Migrate to EasyApache 4

Server owners using EasyApache 3 with Tomcat can now migrate to EasyApache 4 if they are using Tomcat. | Read More

SquirrelMail Deprecation

As announced early this year, we are removing SquirrelMail from all new cPanel & WHM servers. | Read More

Updated Domain Selection Feature

In Version 76, we are updating the domain selection feature in WHM interfaces to swiftly handle large numbers of domains. | Read More