Version 78

Main Features

New Backup Destination! Backblaze B2

Version 78 brings the BackBlaze B2 destination to WHM's Backup Configuration Interface allowing hosting providers to save their backups to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. | Read More

Introducing Email Deliverability

We are replacing the cPanel Email Authentication interface with the new Email Deliverability Interface, which highlights and offers resolutions for common problems with email deliverability. | Read More

LiteSpeed and KernelCare Services from cPanel!

Server owners can now purchase and manage LiteSpeed Web Server and KernelCare from the cPanel store, and even purchase these from inside the WHM interface. | Read More

Additional Features

Faster Scanning with SpamAssassin

Apache SpamAssassin's performance is improving, including up to 60% faster message scanning, making email delivery even better. | Read More

MultiPHP Manager Interface Improvements

System administrators now have more power at their fingertips with automatic PHP INI settings in the WHM interface as well as access the system PHP-FPM Pool Options in the new System PHP-FPM Configuration tab. | Read More

Email Accounts Interface Improvements

We are refactoring cPanel's Email Accounts interface to improve its usability and appearance for standard and mobile displays. | Read More

Quicker Installations

We are increasing the maximum number of download processes from one to four during installation, which provides drastically faster server installation times. | Read More

New UAPI Functions

We are adding a ton of new UAPI calls, including Backup::fullbackup_to_ftp which allows users to create a full account backup, and upload it via FTP to a remote server. | Read More

Dovecot Upgrade

We are upgrading the Dovecot service from version 2.2.36 to version 2.3.3 in Version 78. | Read More