Version 82

Main Features

Update in Under 5 Minutes

Reduce maintenance times and support calls with our improved cPanel & WHM updates. Now averaging less than 5 minutes, updates no longer take up precious cycles that your users need. | Read More

New UAPI Modules

We are adding new UAPI modules for Box Trapper, GPG, ImageManager, and ServerInformation. These new modules replace deprecated cPanel API 1 modules BoxTrapper, GPG, ImageManager, and Serverinfo. | Read More

Python Applications in Application Manager

With Version 82, you can now deploy Python WSGI applications. This interface now also displays a list of dependencies checked when selecting Enable Dependencies. | Read More

Security Features

API Token Access by Date

In Version 82, we are adding the ability to set expiration dates for new or updated API tokens. This allows you to automatically expire remote access to your system. | Read More

Reduce Data Leaks

Version 82 allows server owners to limit information leaks through the exploitation of mod_status with WHM's Global Configuration option ExtendedStatus. | Read More

Additional Features

Addon Domain Interface Warning Messages

cPanel's Addon Domain interface is now more clear when displaying Warning messages, reducing the need for clients to contact their support team. | Read More

Faster SSL Error Resolution

The checkallsslcerts script now includes the reason an SSL can't be issued, speeding up the resolution of the problem. | Read More

New Apache Solr Notification

If the nightly maintenance for Solr encounters errors your cPanel & WHM server will now alert the server owner, so you can react to those errors. | Read More