Version 86


Jan 6, 2020


Feb 3, 2020


Feb 18, 2020


Mar 18, 2020

Main Features

Upgrade EasyApache 4’s OpenSSL to OpenSSL 1.1.1

In cPanel & WHM Version 86, we are upgrading EasyApache 4's version of OpenSSL to version 1.1.1, enabling the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version 1.3. You can select TLSv1.3 in the SSL/TLS Protocols option in WHM's Global Configuration interface. | Read More

New DNS Zone Manager interface

System Administrators are now able to manage server's DNS zones with WHM's DNS Zone Manager interface, making the process of creating and managing DNS zone records simpler. | Read More

LTS Tier Updates

We are improving cPanel & WHM's LTS tier to ensure that those servers stay up-to-date by including an upgrade delay. The Update Preferences interface is being updated to improve setting a release tier and other update settings. | Read More

Security Features

Streamlined Directory Privacy interface

In cPanel & WHM Version 86, we are adding the Actions column to cPanel's Directory Privacy interface allowing system administrators to set the directory privacy permissions for all of the subdirectories within a directory. | Read More

DNSSEC key rotation recommendation

We are updating the DNSSEC interface under cPanel's Zone Editor interface to now display a recommendation when a DNSSEC key should be rotated. | Read More

Additional Features

AutoSSL improvements for DNS Certificate Authority Authorization records

We are improving the AutoSSL feature's automatic creation of CAA records to now recognize subdomains and wildcard domains, as well as creating all of the CAA records needed to ensure that AutoSSL will issue certificates. | Read More

Adding TLSv1.3 to WHM's Global Configuration interface

We are adding TLSv1.3 to the SSL/TLS Protocols option in WHM's Global Configuration interface. Clients must support TLSv1.3 for this protocol to function consistently. | Read More

SSL Use Stapling

We are adding the SSL Use Stapling option to WHM's Global Configuration interface. This option enables Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) stapling. | Read More

Enable reverse DNS for mail HELO by default

We are adding the Use reverse DNS entry for the mail HELO/EHLO if available setting in WHM's Exim Configuration Manager, allowing Exim to use the sending IP address's reverse DNS name as the SMTP HELO. | Read More

File Manager access when account is at full disk space

cPanel users who have reached their account disk space limit are now able to use cPanel's File Manager to delete files. | Read More

Improved AutoSSL execution times

We are enhancing AutoSSL to now verify Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) records and a domain's DNS configuration at the same time, decreasing AutoSSL's execution time. | Read More