Version 90


July 21, 2020


July 30, 2020


August 20, 2020


October 8, 2020

Main Features

Slack® Option Added to communication types

You can now send system notifications to one or more Slack Webhooks. Specify and test priority of your Webhooks with WHM's Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup) and WHM’s Contact Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager) | Read More

The cPanel Application Manager interface now runs on servers with Nginx

We are adding support for Nginx to cPanel’s Application Manager interface. You can use this interface to manage your applications on servers that run Nginx. Please note that NGINX is experimental | Read More

Adding Enable automatic updates to Upgrade to Latest Version interface

If automatic updates are disabled on your server, you can click Enable automatic updates in WHM’s Upgrade to Latest Version interface (WHM >> Home >> cPanel >> Upgrade to Latest Version) to reenable them | Read More

Additional Features

Automatically-issued hostnames from

We are introducing the automatically-issued hostname feature that automatically assigns a subdomain of This allows the server to obtain a valid free hostname certificate, reducing the chance a new user will see a warning page upon their first login to WHM | Read More

New Live Transfer setting

The account transfer system is improving in Version 90. The Live Transfers setting in WHM’s Transfer Tool interface (WHM >> Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool) reduces downtime by redirecting web and mail traffic to the new server | Read More

Added WHM Marketplace interface

We are introducing the WHM Marketplace in cPanel & WHM Version 90. This feature allows the user to install, manage, and purchase additional third-party licenses and products for their account | Read More

Calendar Delegation Interface

Version 90 introduces the cPanel Calendar Delegation interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Calendar Delegation). This is useful for people who need to manage other people’s calendars or manage resources such as conference rooms | Read More

Activate a free 15-day trial

With cPanel & WHM Version 90, you can now activate a free 15-day trial license during the initial configuration | Read More

cPanel & WHM Pricing and Term Agreement

In cPanel & WHM Version 90, we are adding the cPanel & WHM Pricing and Term Agreement to the initial setup | Read More