Version 92


October 12, 2020


November 3, 2020


November 30, 2020


December 21, 2020

Main Features

Introducing WordPress Toolkit

We added a new feature called WordPress Toolkit. WordPress Toolkit is a management interface that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress®. WordPress Toolkit is available in both a Lite and Deluxe version. | Learn More | Read More

Experimental cPanel & WHM for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8

We are adding an experimental version of cPanel & WHM Version that provides minimal functionality for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 servers. Warning This 8 is experimental software and is not recommended for production environments. | Learn More | Read More

Experimental Adding MySQL® 8 support for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8

In cPanel & WHM version 92, we are adding support for MySQL® 8 for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 servers. MySQL 8 is the default database service for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8. Warning You cannot upgrade MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.x due to incompatibilities between these versions. | Learn More | Read More

Security Features

Additional Features

Experimental ImageMagick for CentOS 8

For CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 servers, the system automatically installs ImageMagick® from the EPEL repository. | Read More

Experimental ModSecurity 3

We now provide ModSecurity 3.0 on an experimental basis. This new version supports servers that run both Apache and NGINX. | Read More

Experimental Host Access Control interface update for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 users

We are updating the look and feel of WHM’s Host Access Control interface (WHM >> Home >> Security Center >> Host Access Control).  | Read More

Dynamic DNS Interface

In cPanel & WHM Version 92, we are adding a cPanel Dynamic DNS interface (cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Dynamic DNS). The Dynamic DNS (DDNS) feature simplifies access to networks that use a dynamic IP address. | Read More

New Standardized Hooks

We are adding new standardized hooks for ModSecurity functions and for the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/modsec_vendor script. | Read More

ECDSA for SSL/TLS certificates

cPanel & WHM now supports ECDSA keys for SSL/TLS certificates. You can generate ECDSA keys, use those keys in certificate signing requests (CSR), and purchase and install ECDSA-based certificates in cPanel & WHM. By default, the system uses RSA, 2,048-bit key types. | Read More