cPanel & WHM


Key Performance Features

Less memory, higher responsiveness.

  • A 25% reduction in memory usage means more memory for applications and customers.
  • We significantly improved account creation and account termination performance. On average account creation time in version 60 is now under one second, which is up to ten times faster!
Performance! Speed!


PowerDNS is a modern DNS system that uses BIND files to provide an optimized nameserver solution. PowerDNS uses less memory and processor load and provides less latency for requests.

PHP-FPM — Your application's NEW rocket fuel!

PHP-FPM grants you faster application performance and a reliable security model, without sacrificing speed.

EasyApache 4

Package management and dependency resolution are blazing fast, with interfaces loading up to 18x's faster than in version 58. The Customization workflow is simplified improving usability.

Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern comes into focus with load times faster than its x3 predecessor. SVG sprites and icons provide support for a superb 4k experience.

Faster DNS Zone Reloads

The deferred reload system for Name Servers received a complete overhaul, improving the responsiveness of all Zone and Domain interfaces. Multiple Zone edits place less load on the system allowing faster response times.


Language Translations load, and are rendered, with blazing speed, bringing significant improvements to the performance of the login interface and more.

Key Security Enhancements


Securing DNS from Attacks

  • DNSSEC protects websites from one of the most well-known exploit vectors on the internet.
  • DNS cache poisoning attacks are a very common exploit method for hijacking DNS and rerouting customers to an another server. DNSSEC creates a signature chain from the root nameservers to verify that the end server you are connecting to is the correct server. cPanel & WHM version 60 leverages the power of PowerDNS to quickly and conveniently empower users to secure their zones through DNSSEC.

SNI For cPanel Services

Use Domain-Specific Certificates for cPanel & WHM Services

  • Use domain-specific certificates for the /cpanel, /webmail, and /whm redirects.
  • Mail SNI was improved to support multi-domain certificates.
  • Proxy access now works for all domains.

New Capabilities for SSL/TLS Wizard

  • The SSL/TLS wizard has a new simple view which makes purchasing certificates even easier.
  • The new view allows you to purchase wildcard certificates and multiple wildcards on a single certificate.
  • Need to update your cPanel Market provider module to support wildcards? Read our documentation.
Something about security, TLS, SSL, Certificates

AutoSSL for mail. Domains

cPanel will now include the mail subdomain automatically on new certificates and update existing AutoSSL provider certificates for all main, parked, and addon domains.

AutoSSL Activations

URL redirects in your .htaccess file? Custom Wordpress plugins? No problem. In Version 60, cPanel will now automatically handle redirects that previously blocked DCV checks and prevented certificates from being issued.

Other Enhancements

Style Management in WHM

Manage Your Styles With Style

  • You can now upload and view available styles.
  • You can set the default style your users should see.
Style Management

Emptier Trash Cans

Administrators can now set the host server to automatically flush trash files from users' File Manager trash cans after a specified number of days. This setting can be accessed in the System section of WHM's Tweak Settings interface and via UAPI calls.

Email Enhancements

Suspended incoming email is now rejected at SMTP time, keeping your mail queues clean.

RBL Performance

Mail performance and delivery reliability improved by exempting Common Mail Providers from RBL checks.

Streamlined Support Ticket Submission

We have streamlined the ticket creation process by integrating it directly into WHM. This feature prefills server details, automates SSH authorization, and decreases the time required to open a support ticket.