New Styles for cPanel

New Styles for cPanel

Two brand new cPanel styles have been included in this version, allowing you to customize your cPanel experience even more.

EV Certificates

EV Certificates

In cPanel & WHM 64, users now have the ability to purchase Extended Validation certificates through the SSL/TLS Wizard.

API Authentication Tokens

API Authentication Tokens

API tokens are the first step in revamping our remote authentication system. Easily create, manage, and revoke authentication tokens from inside WHM.

AutoSSL supporting Proxy Subdomains

AutoSSL supporting Proxy Subdomains

In cPanel & WHM 64, AutoSSL now supports proxy subdomains. Including, but not limited to, the cpanel.*, whm.*, and webmail.* domains that are automatically generated by the system.

Multiple Incremental Backup Retention Points

Multiple Incremental Backup Retention Points

Incremental backups now make full use of the flexible backup retention schedule, allowing you to keep as many as you like!

Communication Improvements

iOS Push for Mail

iOS Push support enables iOS devices to receive push notifications when new email arrives in their INBOX.

Improved performance for sending and receiving Email

Improving iOS battery life, reducing authentication lookups, and boosting delivery performance are just some of the ways we’ve improved sending and receiving Email in cPanel & WHM 64.

Eximstats performance improvements

We set to work on making eximstats the best it could be by improving the parsing speed by up to 700% and switching the backend to SQLite.

Tidy Mailboxes

Everyone hates cleaning up their email. In version 64 we made it much easier with the Mailbox Disk Usage tool. The tool allows you to see all of your mailboxes and quickly remove old emails or large messages. We have also integrated this into the mailbox quota notifications to provide users quick access.

Fast Email Searching (IMAP Full Text Search)

Full-Text Search Indexing (powered by Solr) provides fast search capabilities for IMAP mailboxes. Users of iOS devices, Microsoft® Outlook™, SquirrelMail, Horde, Roundcube, and Mozilla™ Thunderbird will notice significantly improved search speed and convenience.


cPanel-distributed git added to $PATH

On systems without git already installed we make it easier for cPanel users to find and use our cPanel provided git installation.

Updated cPAddons to allow for RPM based installs

The cPAddons system has been expanded to include the ability to use packaged releases, and we have moved our WordPress management to an RPM.

Pluggable Contact Modules

In version 64 we expanded the notifications system to allow you to develop your own contact modules to provide even more flexibility. We have also included a HipChat plugin with this version to make it easier to get started developing your own plugin.

SSL Support

SSL Status in cPanel

Are you curious about when AutoSSL is going to renew your certificate? Do you need to quickly check if any of your certificates will expire soon? Are you interested in finding out what validation type your current certificate is? The SSL Status page is for you. In cPanel, now you can quickly see all of the domains on your account. At least one Market provider must be active for the feature to work.

Multi-year certificate support for Market Providers

The market provider system now supports multi-year certificates. For information on updating your Market Provider modules, check out our documentation.

More Improvements

Strict Pruning

With the addition of the strict pruning, we give you control over how the server responds when a backup doesn’t complete successfully.

Environmentally set PHP Memory Limit

At install time we now adjust the default PHP Memory Limit based on the available server resources to provide a better experience for you and your users.

ModSecurity Rule-Set updated

We updated the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) included in WHM to version 3, increasing accuracy, speed, and security.

Migrate from Legacy backup system to New backup system

You can now easily migrate your Legacy Backup configuration to the current Backup System with the click of a button!

Fully Updated phpMyAdmin

In this version we have updated phpMyAdmin from version 4.0 to version 4.6! Explore all of the new and improved features.