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cPanel & WHM 11.48 Now available in the STABLE tier.

Reinforced Security

Incorporating OWASP

With a bolder, more comprehensive security package that incorporates the latest in OWASP ModSecurity rules, cPanel & WHM 11.48 promises to be our safest, most secure release to date.

Core Rule Set

Provide the best protection for your cPanel server with our curated set of rules that automatically update to your servers.

ModSecurity Vendors

Integrate third-party rule sets that deploy to all of your servers with each update.

Custom Rules

Refine your security solutions by selecting the rules that best fit your needs.

A Stronger, Sleeker cPHulk

Our favorite brute force protection system just got a facelift. cPHulk's interface is now cleaner and more user-friendly.

  • Annotations

    Provide more context for blocked IPs when using Blacklist/Whitelist Management with its new annotation capability.

  • Advanced Alerts

    Receive email alerts if your account is accessed by a third party.

  • Firewalls

    Get more protection with less of a load on your server with the optimization we've made to the firewalls.

More From Mail

SSL Certificates for Mail Servers

Hosting providers can allow customers to use their own SSL certificates for mail servers.
This update gives website owners the ability to utilize their domains while establishing a secure, encrypted connection via IMAP, SMTP, or POP.

Bolder Branding

Hosting providers have increased brand visibility now that the Paper Lantern theme has been extended to the Webmail interface.

  • Simplified iOS Configuration

    Users can automatically configure their cPanel email accounts on their iOS device by downloading a single file.

  • More Space

    The mailbox quota has been increased to 4TB on 64-bit systems.

Additional Features and Updates

MariaDB 10.0

MariaDB, an enhanced drop-in extension to MySQL, has been included in cPanel & WHM 11.48, thanks to our friendly cPanel Feature Requests constituents.

  • Stronger Passwords

    All passwords in cPanel & WHM 11.48 can include spaces, in addition to varying cases and characters. Users can create safer passwords that are difficult for both humans and computers to decrypt.

  • Classic cPanel

    The classic X3 layout is available as a Paper Lantern style. Users can choose between an array of new styles, or a more classic cPanel feel.