cPanel & WHM 11.54

Now available in the RELEASE tier
In a departure from our usual version number, we’ve dropped the “11” from cPanel & WHM releases.
This change provides increased clarity for our partners and users while more accurately reflecting the product’s progression.

cPanel connected

We’ve expanded our authentication system to include OpenID Connect for better integration across your Manage2 accounts and cPanel & WHM servers. Hosting providers can also sign directly into cPanel & WHM via their preferred, compliant authentication service.


Fewer usernames and passwords to remember

Flexible authentication

Flexible authentication options

Perfectly linked and logged in

WHMCS is one click away with tighter integration functionality in the WHM interface. Not to mention, with single sign-on, hosting providers are automatically logged into the WHMCS billing system.

WHMCS is also an OpenID Connect-compliant authentication service. That means that you can log into cPanel & WHM via a WHMCS button on our login interface.

WHMCS link integration

Two times the protection

With the latest release of cPanel & WHM, we’re ramping up your ability to secure your accounts and servers. Hosting providers can rest easy knowing that two-factor authentication, through Google Authenticator, adds an extra layer of protection when logging on to cPanel & WHM interfaces.

brute force attack prevention

Layered brute force protection

reduced risk

Reduced risk associated with weak or reused passwords

And we’re not done yet!

ipv6 support

Added IPv6 email support
Covers your growing IP address needs

tls support

Enhanced TLS 1.2 support
Allows you to adhere to the latest security standards

new cPanel dashboard

New cPanel dashboard and icons
Gives you the stunning user interface that you deserve

streamlined user management

Streamlined user management
Provides a single place to handle all of your FTP, Webdisk, and email accounts