cPanel & WHM 11.50

Now available in the STABLE tier

CentOS 7 Support

As part of version 11.50, cPanel & WHM offers support for CentOS 7 on fresh installations (one of our most-requested features!). We’ve modified our scripts to use systemd if your server is running CentOS 7 to speed up boot times. For more information about CentOS 7, visit

  • Quicker boot times
  • Even more dependable service restarts
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Synchronized Calendar & Contacts

The already robust email functionality, one of cPanel & WHM’s most loved features, is getting even better with the release of 11.50. cPanel & WHM users can access their calendar and contacts remotely via third-party applications. Preview our upcoming, fully-sharable calendar and contacts extension.

Synchronized Calendar & Contacts image
  • Basic calendar and contact syncing
  • Calendar and contact access across multiple devices
See how to connect your calendar and contacts


Greylisting, available in cPanel & WHM 11.50, protects your server against unwanted email. When enabled, the mail server temporarily rejects any messages from senders that the server doesn’t recognize. If the email is legitimate, the originating server will try to send it again, after a delay, and then the server will accept the email. It’s spam protection magic!

Greylisting image
  • Even stronger safeguards against intrusive email
  • Cleaner, clutter-free inbox
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Over 25 Additional Improvements!

GPG Signature Update Validation image

GPG Signature Update Validation

Fully-Localized Notifications image

Fully-Localized Notifications