cPanel & WHM 56

Now available in the STABLE tier

Introducing Site Publisher

Hosting providers can now get their users up and running with Site Publisher, an easy-to-use static web page generator. With 3 templates to choose from, and the ability to build your own, give your customers an immediate web presence with just a few clicks from their cPanel dashboard.

Site Publisher Templates
  • Reduce customer churn by providing your customers with a fully-designed web page as part of account setup
  • Reduce security risks by not depending on content management systems
  • Static pages allow for higher account density and better server performance

Server Transfer

Reduce server setup time with our new service configuration transfer. Clone an existing server, or migrate from an older server with ease.

Clone Exim, Apache, and all of your machine’s cPanel configurations

scale with ease

Provide customers a seamless experience as they move from shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated server

upgrade with fewer icons

Migrate from CentOS 5 with ease

Self-Service Upgrades

Upsell Upgrades

Reduce the barrier to upgrades by integrating your billing system with cPanel. With the click of a button, your customers can upgrade their own disk space, bandwidth, addon domains, and more.

Pass the Word About Passwords

account invites

Account Invites
Send a link prompting new users to set up, create, and verify their own email, FTP and Webdisk password

many-to-many external authentication

External Authentication
Link, access, and manage all of your cPanel, Webmail, or WHM credentials from a single External Authentication account

Additional Solutions for a Simpler cPanel

optimized memory use

Enhanced Dormant Mode
More memory is now available for your customer’s websites

improved server security

Improved Server Security
The Security Advisor tool now evaluates the security configuration of your server each night

email suspension

Email Suspension
When your customers suspend an email account, all outgoing mail is immediately blocked and mail currently in queue for delivery is instantly failed