Application Manager

Application Manager

Manage your Ruby applications with ease in a brand new interface, backed by the power of EasyApache 4 and Phusion Passenger.

Remote Incremental Backups

Remote Incremental Backups

In cPanel & WHM 66, users can now take full advantage of the speed and ease of incremental backups, coupled with the peace of mind that comes with remote storage.

For Developers

Define Domains for AutoSSL

cPanel users can now define which domains should be issued SSLs right inside the SSL/TLS Status interface.

Modern Ruby

As part of the work we did to add the Application Manager, we now provide a current version of Ruby (version 2.4.1).

Manage WordPress from cPanel

With version 66 we have released a WordPress and cPanel plugin that allows you to manage your WordPress website from the cPanel interface.

For System Administrators

Be notified of potentially abusive email users

Server administrators can now be notified when a domain exceeds a defined threshold of emails over 24 hours.

PHP-FPM as Default Handler

Server owners can now set PHP-FPM as the default handler through the MultiPHP handler interface.

EasyApache 4 Profile Management

You can now manage your EasyApache 4 profiles with ease! Create, download, upload profiles all from within WHM.

Google Drive Backup Destination

System administrators can now send their server backups to their Google® Drive with ease.

Frameless WHM

WHM’s backend design has been brought into the 21st century with the removal of all structural frames, drastically improving the mobile experience.

For Everyone

phpMyAdmin Update to 4.7!

phpMyAdmin has been updated from 4.6 to 4.7! Explore all of the new and improved features.

cPHulk now uses SQLite

We have migrated the cPHulk Database from MySQL to SQLite. This is the final step in removing cPanel’s reliance on MySQL for a cPanel server.

Easier to Navigate Webdisk and FileManager

Updates and improvements to the interface of both Webdisk and FileManager have made interacting with those interfaces much easier.