Now available in the STABLE tier


Ready-to-run Images of cPanel & WHM

Ready-to-run Images of cPanel & WHM

The same images our Quality Assurance test and approve for release are now available to you directly! The images are in KVM format, but you can easily convert them to any version you need! Find them at http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/cpanelsync/images/

Update Preferences

We added the anticipated expiration dates for each LTS version to the Update Preferences interface, enabling users to make the most informed decision about which update tier to use.

ModSecurity SDBM Utility

cPanel now ships this utility for use with ModSecurity and EasyApache 4. We now purge expired entries from the cache file managed by ModSecurity, helping reduce disk usage.


Email Account Creation Improvements

Email Account Creation Improvements

Creating email accounts and removing them is faster than ever before - in many cases, from tens of seconds down to milliseconds. Newly-created email accounts may be optionally sent a "welcome" email with client configuration settings and an iOS .mobileconfig file to configure their email client(s).

Page Loading Improvements

The most frequently loaded pages in cPanel & WHM are now optimized, reducing load times even further and ensuring the fastest page load times for every user.

MySQL Backups Improvements

Users will now see reduced memory consumption, improved error reporting, and reliability of the "Restore MySQL" utility under the Backup Restoration page for users with larger databases.


OV and EV Certificates

The cPanel and Comodo SSL providers now offer Organization-Validated (OV) certificates for servers and accounts that have enabled these providers. We have also added cPanel support for marketplaces with Extended Validation (EV) certificates, pending support from market providers.

SPF and DKIM Improvements

cPanel & WHM now includes the ability to add SPF and DKIM records on all accounts globally, securing email delivery for all hosted domains. We now enable SPF by default on Account Creation.

AutoSSL Improvements

Multiple improvements and optimizations have been made to the cPanel & WHM AutoSSL feature to enhance reliability, especially when SSL providers are under high demand or otherwise unavailable. The AutoSSL feature also now includes a Queue View to show status information on pending certificate requests.

More Improvements

New Site Templates

New Site Templates

Quickly create beautiful single-page sites with new Site Templates. Get people excited about upcoming events with the Countdown templates. Get your contact information out there with the new vCard templates.

New Zone Editor

Managing all of your site's records in a centralized location is easier than ever with the new Zone Editor in cPanel. In one place you can edit MX, A, CNAME, DKIM, SPF and more. This new UI gives a better control for power users to edit their DNS zone, and its simplified view keeps things easy for non-technical users.

WHM Account Selection

The user selection interface in multiple locations in WHM has been modernized (among them, List Accounts, Modify Accounts, Quota Modification, Rearrange Account, Upgrade/Downgrade Account).

Symlink Protection in EA4

EasyApache 4 now includes application-level symlink protection! It can easily be enabled in the WHM Apache Configuration Editor.