Version 84


Sept 16, 2019


Oct 7, 2019


Oct 29, 2019


Q4 2019

Introducing cPanel & WHM Version 84

cPanel & WHM Version 84 introduces a slew of new tools and improvements to the product. Now including PowerDNS for DNS clustering, DNSSEC improvements, an overhauled Apache Configuration file, and multiple interface updates, cPanel & WHM is better than ever. Take a look at highlights below, or check out the full release notes for v84.

DNSSEC Now Available for DNS Clustering

Version 84 adds the ability to utilize DNSSEC through DNS Clustering with PowerDNS. Providing the ability to mitigate a number of DNS attacks, your DNS clusters are more secure than ever before.

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Updates to the Let's Encrypt ™ plugin

The Let's Encrypt plugin is being updated to use Let's Encrypt's API in anticipation of the original API's end of life. This update allows continued support of users who rely on the plugin for SSL certificates and includes support for wildcard domains.

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New and Improved Apache Configuration File

Version 84 brings the creation of the /etc/cpanel/ea4/ea4.conf file, replacing the previous /apache/main and /apache/local files. This new conf file consolidates all of your webserver's options into a single JSON file and provides several Apache configuration customization options.

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Security Features

Block Emails By Country or Domain

Two new interfaces are being added to WHM that allows system administrators to block emails that originate from specified countries or domains. | Read More

DNSSEC Usability Improvements

The appearance and usability of cPanel's Zone Editor interface are improving, providing users the ability to import and manage DNSSEC keys more easily. | Read More

Additional Features

New Transfer Tool Features

We are adding new configuration options in the Transfer Tool interface, including AutoSSL, GreyList, Hulk, and ModSecurity, as well as corresponding modules for the cpfontool script. | Read More

New UAPI Modules

New UAPI modules Log Manager and Stats are being added to replace their deprecated cPanel API 1 counterpart. | Read More

Webmail User Interface Updates

The Webmail Home interface is receiving a facelift, now allowing users to open their inbox upon login, change their Webmail client, set up email on a device, and access Webmail setting configurations. | Read More

Support for DNS Node Server Profile License

We are adding support for the cPanel DNS Node server license. The DNS Node server profile allows you to assign a server providing only DNS services. | Read More

Upgrade cPanel PHP Version to PHP 7.3

We are upgrading the PHP version for cPanel & WHM from PHP version 7.2 to version 7.3. | Read More

Application Manager User Interface Improvements

We are updating cPanel's Application Manager interface for improved clarity and usability, including better help text, error messages, and setting names. | Read More

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