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Mar 21, 2019


May 13, 2019


May 28, 2019


Jun 19, 2019

Introducing cPanel & WHM Version 80

For cPanel & WHM Version 80 we have focused on speed and expanding the reach of our software.

We want to especially thank those of you who have Send error reports to cPanel for analysis enabled, as you were critical in helping us reduce the install and update times. If you are interested in helping with these decisions in the future, make sure to participate in the cPanel Analytics program!

Take a look at highlights below, or check out the full release notes for v80. Then, join us on Slack, Discord, or Reddit to talk about all the exciting improvements.

Install cPanel & WHM in Less than 5 Minutes

Version 80 improves the installation and update speeds of cPanel & WHM by making significant backend improvements. Installation times now average 3.5 minutes, depending on hardware and bandwidth.

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One-Click HTTPS Redirection of Websites

We are adding a Force HTTPS Redirect toggle to cPanel's Domains interface that automatically redirects visitors viewing an insecure version of a site (HTTP) to a secured version (HTTPS) when a valid SSL certificate is installed.

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Build Node.js Applications

Website owners can now host Node.js applications on cPanel & WHM servers. Hosting providers can install the ea-nodejs10 module in the Additional Packages section of WHM's EasyApache 4 interface.

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Security Features

Improved Password Strength Algorithm

We are improving the password strength check algorithm throughout cPanel & WHM; now returning lower scores for passwords with common dictionary words. | Read More

Imunify360 added to Security Advisor

Imunify360 is a now an option in WHM's Security Advisor interface, offered as a security product that increases protection for your server. | Read More

Additional Features

SpamBox by default on new cPanel accounts

We are adding an Enable SpamBox option in WHM's Create a New Account interface, simplifying the process of preventing spam in users' inboxes | Read More

Manage API Tokens in cPanel

We are adding the Manage API Tokens interface to cPanel allowing cPanel users to issue API tokens. Resellers and third-party developers can use these tokens to run API functions. | Read More

Plus Addressing Management

cPanel users can disable automatic mailbox creation for plus addressing in the Email Accounts interface. This only affects mailbox creation, and your server will still deliver plus address messages to the correct address. | Read More

Remote Amazon RDS™ server support

Version 80 adds support for Amazon RDS servers in WHM's Manage MySQL Profiles interface. | Read More

Restore backups from a remote destination via FTP transport in WHM

We are adding the ability to restore a cPanel account backup from a remote destination via FTP transport and can be restored via WHM's Backup Restoration interface. | Read More

Add and edit autoresponders

We're updating cPanel's Autoresponders interface only to allow a user to add one autoresponder per email address. | Read More

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