Version 72


May 10, 2018


June 13th, 2018


June 25th, 2018


July 18th, 2018

Main Features

Git Version Control

This brand new cPanel interface allows users to easily create and manage Git repositories on their cPanel hosting account. Take a look at the feature introduction on our blog. | Read More

In-browser Terminal

Both root-level users and cPanel users can now use a cPanel-provided terminal in their browser. This addition makes it easier than ever to interact with cPanel & WHM servers. | Read More

File and Directory Restoration

We have improved and updated the File Restoration interface to include directory restoration. We take you through the new interface on cPanelTV. | Read More

Security Features

Spam Filtering

In Version 70 we added the ability to configure Spam Filter Thresholds per-email account. We also updated and improved the Spam Filtering interface in cPanel. | Read More

Spammer Alerts

We have improved the Large Amount of Outbound Email feature from Version 68 by making the threshold configurable. | Read More

Strict Key Checking

Remote data storage is a great benefit but has always come with risks. We now help hosting providers reduce those risks by allowing them to enable 'Strict SSH host key checking,' preventing MITM attacks. | Read More

More Secure FTP by Default

Starting with Version 70, cPanel & WHM now installs with stronger security. New installations of cPanel & WHM now limit Anonymous and Root FTP logins by default. | Read More

Additional Features

Duplicate PHP Extension Profiles

You can now add new PHP versions to your EasyApache profiles with greater ease. In Version 70 you can duplicate the PHP extensions that are installed for an existing version as you add a new version to your server. | Read More

Email Search Improvements.

In Version 64 we added IMAP Full-Text Searching, which provides fast search capabilities for IMAP mailboxes. Improving on that, Version 70 includes a feature that allows webmail users to trigger a re-index of their own email account. | Read More

Backup Metadata 3.1

The metadata system that powers our File and Directory Restoration interface has been rebuilt from the ground up. This rebuild has focused on speed and scalability. You can also now manage Metadata using WHM or the WHM API, and reduce disk space using the --vacuum flag. | Read More

Improved Apache and PHP-FPM Restarts

We adjusted PHP-FPM to use a graceful restart, preventing service interruptions. In Version 70 we added two options in Tweak Settings that help reduce the number of Apache restarts. Delayed Graceful Restarts and Deferred Reload Time will help keep high-capacity servers online. | Read More

Reseller Access Lists

We are continuing to expand and improve the ACL changes we made for Reseller accounts in Version 68. In Version 70 we updated the interface to include features that were only available via the API and added Email Quota settings. | Read More

Limit Available PHP Versions

As of Version 70, web hosting providers can now limit the PHP versions that cPanel accounts are allowed to view and use. Doing so helps to increase server security and reduce complexity for cPanel user. | Read More